March 29, 2018

A New Update Has Reached FIFA 18

Without a doubt we are in a very good era of gaming (despite the microtransacciones), because if a game we do not like, we can tell the developer to release patches and updates that improve some areas of the game.
Precisely the ninth update for the soccer game FIFA 18 is now available, and comes to correct some errors that users noticed.

How do I Download The Update?
The update is automatically downloaded when the console is connected to the power supply; otherwise, when you start the game, a message will be sent with the news, which will redirect you to the store of your console to start the process. The update has no cost.

What Does The Update Include?


• Personalized team numbers will no longer change after swapping players in your template.
• From now on, players will see their team always on the left in the management screens of the team prior to the game when they play a match of the Fut Champions’ Day.
• The screen of the match preview in the matches of the FUT Champions Day sometimes showed the status of your opponent in white instead of “Making changes”
• The incorrect text in player’s articles was highlighted in red when a template did not meet the requirements for the FUT Champions elimination tournament due to its league or nationality.
• Subsequent versions of the players have been removed in conceptual templates.


• When the pause button on the screen was activated through the Accessibility settings, it did not work with Club Pro games.


• Updated kit Catfish and the Bottleman in FUT.

In What Consoles Is The FIFA 18 Update Available?
PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 already have the changes that EA Sports implemented for FIFA 18.
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