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Why Bark Chippings are a Key Ingredient in Your Garden

In a world where high-end and luxury home trends are constantly changing, garden designers are left with the challenge to continue to come up with new and innovative ways of designing gardens that set the bar even higher. With so many different materials available and considerations such as cost, maintenance and sustainability all coming into play, it can be overwhelming for any gardener looking to add natural elements to their home or business. A combination of these elements is what makes bark chippings such an important part of any garden design. So let’s take a look at why they’re worth adding to your next design project…


What is bark chippings?

Bark chippings are a type of mulch or ground cover made from shredded bark. They’re often dyed in a brown or red hue to give them a more attractive appearance, and have a coarser texture than regular bark. Bark chippings are typically made from pine bark, which has a low salt content and is safe to be used in gardens. Some varieties, such as cedar and redwood, have higher salt content and should be avoided.


The Benefits of Using Bark Chippings in Your Garden

There are many benefits to using bark chippings in your garden, including improved aesthetics, reduced weeding, and increased water retention. Bark chippings are a low-maintenance solution when it comes to covering your garden soil, as they are easy to install, cost-effective, and require very little maintenance compared to other ground covers. Bark chippings can be used to line your garden pathways, or even to create a natural looking raised bed.


Decorating with Bark Chippings

If you’re looking to add more natural elements to your outdoor space, bark chippings are a great place to start. Whether you choose to use them to cover an existing garden bed, or line your walkway with a path, they are a simple, yet effective way to add a touch of garden flair to your home. Borders are another great way to use bark chippings, or you can use them in place of cobblestones if you’re creating a patio. Decorating with bark chippings is easier than you might think! Simply measure the area you’re looking to cover, and purchase a bag that will be appropriate for your project. You can either use a garden shovel or spoon to spread the chippings evenly throughout your garden area. bark chippings


Where to Use Bark Chippings in Your Garden

Bark chippings are often used as a ground cover for garden areas with poor, sandy soil. They have natural cationic properties that are beneficial to the soil and help improve water retention. As mentioned above, they can also be used as a low-maintenance pathway covering, and they can look particularly attractive when used in combination with other materials such as gravel or stones.


A Word of Warning: Is It Really Okay to Use Bark Chipping in Gardens?

The use of bark chippings in gardens has come under fire in recent years, as they are often seen as more of a decorative element rather than a soil-improving ground cover. While they do make an attractive covering, bark chippings don’t have the same long-term benefits of other soil covering materials, such as wood chips, that are specifically created for this purpose. That being said, bark chippings can still be utilized as a decorative covering for your garden, and many garden designers and homeowners still choose to use them. The key is to understand that bark chippings aren’t a long-term solution for improving your soil. Instead, they should be seen as a decorative element that will need to be changed every year or two.


Concluding Words

While bark chippings may seem like a trendy material that is more decorative than functional, they still have many benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any gardener. Bark chippings are easy to install, cost-effective, low maintenance, and are a safe and appropriate material to use in gardens with sandy soil. They can be used to line your walkways, create pathways, or even to cover existing garden beds. Whether you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your garden, or simply trying to find a low-maintenance solution for covering your garden soil, bark chippings are a great option.

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