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A Green Wall

A new development in the absorption of particulate matter, CO2 and flutter echoes!
In addition to a green wall for outside with mummy moss, Soundless Acoustics now also has a green wall for indoor and outdoor use!

This concrete wall is built with stones that resemble the traditional Soundblox, except that these blocks are filled with (self-chosen) plants, instead of acoustic filling material. These plants form a green wall that makes a major contribution to the absorption of CO2, particulate matter and flutter echoes.


Not just green in color!

This green facade is both decorative and specially constructed to promote a healthy living environment and to contribute to reducing CO2 levels. It is also known that plants are good at absorbing particulate matter. In an environment characterized by a lot of concrete construction, the wall contributes to the reduction of flutter echoes.

It is even possible to add toes that can serve as a bee hotel, where wild bees have a refuge and can provide their food with specially adapted plants. This can contribute to the promotion of the bee population.

For these reasons, this new application is an excellent addition to Soundless Acoustics’ concept of creating a living environment that promotes health and well-being, whether indoors or out!


Price advantage

In traditional green facade constructions, the green elements are suspended from the outer leaf of the cavity. By combining these two components, significant cost savings are achieved, resulting in the Soundless Green Wall Block.


New innovation ‘Circular Green’

A new innovation will soon be presented in which the blocks are attached to each other with clips that can also be easily dismantled. This development is particularly interesting in the context of repurposing buildings and building materials.


Integrated irrigation system ‘Guaranteed Green’

This green wall contains a fully integrated irrigation system that is controlled via the internet for exactly the right amount of water depending on the weather conditions and the needs of the plant. In this way, the Groene Gevel will not only remain green after completion, but also after completion.


Execution in your own hands

The wall is completely executed by one experienced company that takes the implementation, and thus the responsibility, entirely into its own hands. This applies to both during construction and during maintenance, so that the green wall actually remains green.

Soundless Acoustics has been developing solutions for improving room acoustics for indoor and outdoor applications for years. By absorbing loud sounds and reducing reverberation, intelligibility is increased and a pleasant sound experience is created. This ultimately contributes to health and well-being. You can also look for a green roof