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Vindazo Commercial engineering and Online Solutions Group

 You will learn how everything is connected internally and how to redirect and optimize processes. Your extensive business management fundamentals will be completed through future-oriented disciplines such as corporate social responsibility, future mobility and energy, industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

Human resource Management

In this elective video, you will learn how to construct and model human resource policies. You will understand the human dynamics within the team and the company, and how to use tools to support, monitor and adjust human resource policies.


International Business Management

Do you dream of an international career, or who knows, dream of working abroad? In this elective videos, you will develop a multidisciplinary perspective on trade and industry, with a focus on interculturalism and the field of international work. The icing on the cake is your last year’s overseas semester.

Logistics engineering

In this new elective video, you will acquire a wide range of basic knowledge of logistics, transportation and technology, supplemented by future-oriented IT subjects such as Bright Logistics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, IOT. In this way, you are gradually preparing to become the logistics manager of the future.

Applied Business Economics

This elective video will train you to become a business consultant who studies company operations in depth. You will understand how everything in the organization is connected and how to adjust and optimize processes.

Sports Business Management

Great sports teams play more than just sports performances. Essentially, they are companies run by a professional team behind the scenes. In this elective video, you will discover all aspects of sports management: business, marketing, competition, law…Innovative data analysis and social media will play an important role in all these aspects.

China Business Research

Do you want to do business in China? Are you fascinated by Chinese language, culture, history and economy? The elective videos in business management of this bachelor’s degree program are definitely suitable for you.

This elective video is not only novel, but also unique in Flanders. It will prepare you for successful business development with the Far East, so as to surf the rapid growth of the Chinese economy.

On the one hand, you will get a very solid foundation in business Chinese so that your business contacts can value you. On the other hand, you will learn more about how the business world in China works. Obviously, Chinese culture, history and customs will also be discussed. You will also discover all of these in China, because you will travel to China for at least one study or work internship in this elective video.





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